The Dance Acedemy Yearly Overview/Policies

Welcome to The Dance Academy’s 2017/2018 dance year! Classes begin August 21 and end with the Recital in May.
Please read all of the following carefully.

The Dance Academy office hours are 3:30-6:30 Monday -Thursday, closed Friday-Sunday. The studio doors will open 15 minutes before the 1st class of the day.

Please be respectful of MY financial obligations. Please do not make me ask for tuition payments. It is my least favorite part of the job! I will send monthly tuition reminders via e-mail, on the first day of the month to all parents


  • Tuition is due on the 1st day of each month. A $10 late fee needs to be automatically added
    to payments made after the 10th of the month
    . Please leave payments with secretary or in the locked tuition drop box hanging inside the lobby on the wall. There is also a locked mailbox outside. If your child is absent on the first lesson of the month, tuition should be dropped off.

  • I will not accept ANY post-dated checks! (Unless you are giving me a check prior to the due date.)


There will be a $20 Returned Check Fee.


Please make sure you always get a receipt for cash payments. If there is not a secretary available, ask a teacher.

  • All check payments should have the student’s name written in the memo. This is especially important if the Child’s last name is different than the person writing the check. Please let the person know who is making the payments, to include your childs name!

  • Please remember there are no partial tuition months, with the exception of August! *Tuition is the same monthly, September through May, regardless of number or weeks/lessons, holidays, or your child’s attendance.
    May tuition includes classes, rehearsal, and recital hours. All tuition & fees must be paid, including May tuition, to participate in recital.

  • Students whose tuition payment gets more than 1 month delinquent will be suspended from class. *If payments are delinquent 2 months, the student will be dropped from class.


Important Information



  • All Children must be accompanied by an adult entering and exiting the building. No one under the age of 10 should exit or enter the building alone. Older students should wait inside the studio to be picked up.


All children in Intro I, II, & III need to be taken to the restroom when they arrive. Going to the bathroom is contagious. Make them go!!! *All Intro students are required to bring a dance bag to class with a change of clothes in case of accidents.**Intro parents are asked to stay during class, if child is unable to use the restroom alone. Teachers can't leave class to assist in the restroom


Please follow the Dress Code. This includes hair! All children must have their hair pulled back out of their face. Please check your child’s dance bag to make sure he/she has all shoes each time you leave the studio. Mark all dance shoes with child’s name on the inside with sharpie big enough for the child to see the name clearly. *I suggest silver sharpie on the inside of black shoes


  • Please arrive on time. I suggest that you arrive 10 minutes before class time for preparation. Do not rush your child in at class time or interrupt a class that has already started.


Please pick up your children on time. Classes normally run back to back. Teachers and secretary cannot be responsible for children outside of class time.
***After 10 minutes, we will charge $5 for every 5 minutes you are late.


Attendance is very important. Please bring your child to every dance class unless she/he is ill. The dance year runs through May 7. Do not sign up for sports or other activities that interfere with dance classes. New choreography and new skills are learned weekly. It slows the pace of the class to have to re-teach material. Please keep me updated with reasons for absences via e-mail.

*Multiple absences may require private lessons to get caught up. Private lesson fees will apply - $35/hour


  • No food or drinks in studio or waiting area. Water bottles only!!!!! The children are not at the studio long enough to need a snack. Please be respectful of this request. No baby snacks for siblings waiting.


  • Clean up after yourself and your child. Books need to be put away and trash needs to be thrown away.

*Do not leave dirty diapers behind in our bathroom!!!


  • Please be quiet in the waiting area…No more than a whisper! Please keep siblings quiet as well!


  • Parents are only allowed to watch class during Parent's Week.October 23rd-October 26th





Holidays - The Dance Academy will be closed on the following dates.



Labor Day

Monday, September 4



Tuesday, October 31



Wednesday, November 22 & Thursday November 23



December 18 – January 2 Classes resume Wednesday, January 3


Spring Break

March 12-16

*Anytime SAISD cancels school because of bad weather we will be closed as well.


Recital – Exact Date TBA, May __, 2:00pm



  • The dress rehearsal is the day before at 4:30. Both of these are mandatory!! Do not schedule any trips or events on these dates and times.

Costume Costs - $45.00 each costume



  • You will pay for your costumes in three monthly installments, in addition to regular tuition, for the months of September, October & November. Costumes must be paid in full by November 1st. No refunds after costumes are ordered. *All tuition payments must be current to take costumes home in April

Recital Fee



  • There will be a $25 Recital fee for each family due April 1. The fee helps cover theatre rental, sound & lights, decorations, programs, etc. You will receive 1 dancer ticket and 1 comp ticket with your Recital Fee.This will be for the 1 person/parent who will sit with dancer in the dancer section at the recital & who will be in charge of costume changes. There will be a $5 admission fee/person at the recital. All seats are reserved.


Studio Communications – Please do your part when it comes to studio communications.



  • *Please use e-mail communications when possible. You can e-mail through the website or directly.
    Email:stacia@danceacademysanangelo.com Website: www.danceacademysanangelo.com.


Please make sure we have your updated e-mail addresses. I send reminders and other important information via e-mail.


Check the waiting area weekly for important reminders.


Please utilize The Dance Academy website for dress code, policies, studio holidays, etc. before calling.

We look forward to a wonderful year! So glad to have each of you!



  • Thank you,
    Stacia Aylor McSpedden